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Bonsai Gardens Newsletter, Q1 2007

Bonsai Gardens Newsletter - Q1 2006 (An unsubscribe link goes here)

A Greeting From Victor:

Dear Esteemed Customers, Friends, and Associates,

Thank you for your continued patronage, interest and participation in ongoing workshops and activities at Bonsai Gardens, now available on the World Wide Web! I first extend my very best wishes for the most healthy, prosperous and meaningful New Year to everyone and their bonsai and secondly, invite you to join me for Bonsai Gardens' Chinese New Year's Celebration Event.

I am happy to inform you that we will be publishing a quarterly newsletter once again that will include upcoming workshop topics, schedules, lots of great bonsai specials, Bonsai Master Pieces of Advice, and news and events of interest to bonsai enthusiasts of all levels.

There have been many exciting changes and evolutions during the last half of 2005, with many more to come. As many of you know, I made the difficult decision to suspend the workshop series for the Fall and Holiday seasons to work on the conception and development of and eBay auctions for practical and business reasons. It has been a great learning experience, and I hope you will all take advantage of all of the hard work that I and my colleagues have put into this great project. I encourage you all to update your information and become members online, or fill out and return the Update Card via mail, e-mail, or in person to the store. Please consider becoming a Bonsai Gardens Member with great benefits outlined online!

Remember, the cold Winter months are great opportunities to brighten otherwise dreary days with a little positive Feng Shui emanating from a beautiful green bonsai!

Very Sincerely Yours,
Victor Eng

Bonsai Master Pieces of Advice

In New England, January, February, and March represent Mid-Winter, Late Winter and Early Spring on universal "Seasonal Bonsai Year Maintenance Schedules" Please call or log onto our new site's "Forum" for more seasonal Bonsai care "tips' for Late-winter & Early-spring.

Bonsai care tips from 'the experts':
Those of you with winter hardy mature Bonsai have little to do with your trees at this time. Hopefully, they've been "set" somewhere consistently cold in full dormancy. If outdoors, be sure they are laterally protected from damaging and drying open winds and overhead from heavy deep snow that can crush and break limbs. Check weekly during thaw periods for dryness or as in this week's case, excessive water logging! Try to resist bringing them in for wiring or pruning waiting for early spring "wake up" signals such as bud activity.

As usual, and for the majority who keep Indoor Bonsai, my strongest advice to everyone is:
Blast Bonsai Bugs Fast! Keep routinely checking and inspecting your Bonsai trees for signs of stress, especially damage caused by infestation. Outdoor varieties of Bonsai in dormancy (especially conifers) can be rapidly ravaged by sudden attacks of aphids or spider mites. More visible pests such as mealy bugs or scale insects should be removed "on sighting" and you can treat immediately even with just a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or spray & rinse with a mild soapy (dish soap O.K.) solution. This is a great free instant home remedy!

Simple "caregiver adjustments " and treatments that you can perform can make a BIG difference to your little Bonsai. I'm a professional advocate and activist against unnecessary and unjust Bonsai Abuse! I'm available and never charge for examinations & advice. You may bring your Bonsai in, and however strongly you've "bonded with your Bonsai," just leave it with me for prompt and proper treatment and/or servicing as needed. As for now, just go easy on the fertilizer and pruning, water as needed, and keep your trees and trays CLEAN! See you at the shop among the gardens, or online chatting in our new Bonsai Forum!


New Workshops Scheduled For Jan.-March!

I am excited to offer an initial schedule of 7 fun and exciting workshops through January, February, and March (more to follow!). All classes are held Thursday evenings at the store in Vernon and will run from 6:30-9:30pm Please arrive promptly between 6 and 6:30. Advanced enrollment is greatly appreciated, as class sizes may be limited. All classes are $29 plus material costs (costs will vary) If you wish, you may also BYOB (Bring Your Own Bonsai) to work on, but please call to discuss whether this is an appropriate option.

All workshops include:
  • A thorough small group lesson
  • Demonstration
  • Handout Materials
  • Video
  • Graphic and model line goods presentations
  • FREE use of all necessary tools and applications of cut, hormone, fertilizer, and insecticide treatments if needed
  • Plus refreshments!
Please be sure to visit our new website or store in Vernon for a full explanation of all of our informative and helpful classes!

*Starter Bonsai Basics I (1/26/06)
Beginner's introduction to the art of bonsai. Create and keep your complete finished bonsai.

*Miniature Bonsai Forest (2/2/06)
Basic group landscapes and raft style plantings.

*Dramatic Styles and Techniques I: Windswept Arrangements (2/9/06)

*Introduction to Mame (Tiny) Bonsai (3/9/06)
Most extrememly tiny class of bonsai and beginner's bonsai basics

*Dramatic Styles and Techniques II: Root Over Rock (3/16/06)
Stone Clasping and rock mounting techniques in miniature.

*Bonsai Vernon Equinox - Basic Spring Bonsai Care Techniques (BYOB) (3/23/06)
Designed to simply and categorically cover all standard needs of any Bonsai plant each Spring.

Advanced Enrollement Workshop **Specials**

Take advantage of our super savings by registering for our workshops ahead of time!

Sign up early for:
1  workshop - get a $5 discount
2  workshops - get a $5 discount, and 10% discount off materials purchased for use
3  or more workshops - get a $5 discount, and a fourth free class of your choice with free materials.

**Payment required at least 1 week in advance for Advanced Enrollment Prices

VALENTINE LOVE from Bonsai Gardens
33.3% off ANY finished Bonsai Tree!
(Reg. priced over $30)
And/Or SAVE $3.00 OFF all imported CHINESE ORCHIDS!
(offers valid Feb. 1 until Feb. 14th, 2006)

SAVE 33.3% OFF advanced adult admission tickets to the 25th annual
Feb. 23-26, 2006 CT Expo Center, Hartford
See our booth, #232, plus the Greater Hartford Bonsai Society's Exhibit plus lots more!
Only $8 (regular $12. each)
Order & pay by 2/07/06 for tickets in advance or, after 2/8/06, get tickets at the "will call" window on the day you go. Please call for details!

Who doesn't have an empty Bonsai Pot around somewhere? Bring it in during the month of March, pick out the right Pre-Bonsai stock plant for your location & pot size and I will prune and plant it into your pot FREE!!

Enter to WIN a 3 Tree Chinese P'en Jing Miniature Landscape
Created by Victor at the workshop the night of the drawing on Thursday, 3/30/06. Eligibility for FREE raffle drawing tickets are: *All paid Bonsai Gardens on line Memberships prior to 3/30/06 and/or *Any 2006 workshop attendees and any retail customers purchasing over $50 on or before the time of the drawing. ASK VICTOR FOR DETAILS
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