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Not sure what kind of Bonsai plant would do well in your home? Ask any questions you may have here to help guide you to your next Bonsai tree.

Posted by: Jason DeCoteau
Could you post the ingredients/ratios of a good, all-purpose bonsai soil mix and maybe a simple, step-by-step guide to repotting? Thanks.
Soil Mixing and repotting
Posted by: Victor Eng
You'll need to blend a basic high drainage low nutrient soil mix, very much like cactus soil. A good basic mix is 1/3 topsoil (container mix), 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 soil conditioners consisting of perlite for airation, and coarse sand or baked clay pieces.

We sell this recipe all mixed and ready to go at the store, because most of these ingredients are only available in sizes that would make far too much for one bonsai.

We are hving a seminar in March (3/23)that includes all of the necessary mixing tools, and I can give you the "crash course" on repotting! Please take a look at our newsletter that is currently posted for more info (or it will be e-mailed this evening).

Thanks for your question and so sorry about the delay! I'm learning to check this more frequently as we go along and promise I'll be quicker next time!


Posted by: Jason DeCoteau
Thanks, Victor. No apology needed. I know you're still getting the new site up & running and "debugging" it.

Will online pre-registration be available for any of your workshops?

Also, I see there are some useful tips in your first quarter 06 newsletter on coping with pests. Have you considered expanding this advice by adding a course on "bonsai first aid"?


Posted by: Victor Eng
Always great to hear from you, Jason, and I thank you for your heads up suggetsions!!

We ARE planning on offering online registration during "Phase 2" of our online endeavors, and I will certainly see what I can do about scheduling a Bonsai First Aid class this Spring. It is an intriguing topic, and I am always trying to come up with new ones!

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