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Not sure what kind of Bonsai plant would do well in your home? Ask any questions you may have here to help guide you to your next Bonsai tree.

Posted by: Micheal Grzywinski
Good morning Vic. I have a Chinese Elm from one of your classes and it was outside for it's winter dormancy period. Because of the warm winter we've enjoyed I brought the elm inside about 10 days ago in hopes of coaxing it out of it's dormancy. Well, I haven't seen and new growth yet or evidence that it's "waking up" yet. I gently scratched the bark and its green so that should mean that the tree is okay. Oh, the tree is next to an easterly window with supplemental grow lights and there is a humidifier in the room. My question is should I re-introduce the tree the outside condiitons or should I be a little more patient? Thanks much and look forward to seeing you at the shop soon. Micheal Grzywinski -
Keep Elm Inside now..
Posted by: Victor Eng
Hi Micheal, nice to hear from you.
My advice to you is to keep your Chinese Elm Bonsai indoors now and don't think about putting it back out outdoors; especially what's left of this extremely "see-saw" thaw & freeze Winter. You'll probably be doing it a favor being consistant but GRADUALLY let's hope! Assuming your Elm was outside from last fall it's had plenty enough "hard dormancy" from just about after thanksgiving's snow until nature thawed recently and the outside up & down we're seeing is dangerous.
Your east facing window will be sufficient without addional lighting Micheal because with no leaves you don't need sunlight. I hope your Elm is in a cool; even drafty east window (Vs. near a heat source) so that it con gradually form it's leaf buds which will quickly break out once it's soil has warmed long enough for it to come out of Dormancy.
Be careful to only water when the soil becomes sandy dry (NOT Hard dry) .Once you see leaf buds keep it in good unobstructed eastern sun and fertilize whin most limbs and branchlets have uniform new fully opened leafs and trim back to only 3 to 5 leafs max. with tight;short internodes.
Keep in touch & see you soon. Regards, Victor

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