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Want something that you do not see in our online store? Make your request here. Chances are we have it in our physical store.

Posted by: Micheal Grzywinski
Good afternoon Vic. I was wondering when I might expect to receive the tickets to the upcoming Flower Show I purchased a few weeks ago? I know you're probably swamped preparing for the show. Hope you are well and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Micheal -
Ct. Flower Show Tickets
Posted by: Victor Eng
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Hi Micheal,
I submitted my advanced discount tickets order to the Flower Show promoters last Wed. (feb. 8th).I'm expecting them via
certified mail today or Mon. (2/20).Last year I picked them up when I set up my booth on Wed.
Please call me on Tues. if you don't here from me first.Iwill be contacting everyone as soon as I have them -probably Tues.

Posted by: Micheal Grzywinski
Good afternoon Vic, I still haven't received the tickets yet (I ordered 6). I'm planning on going Friday afternoon with my family. I'm sure you're crazy setting up your booth tonight...but if you can get back to me I'd really appreciate it. Look forward to seeing you on Friday. Thanks again, Micheal -
Tickets confirmed
Posted by: Victor Eng
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Hi Micheal,
I just got back to my store from Ct. flower Show booth set up.Your 6 tickets will be at the "will call"window at the show. You just give them your last name ; tell them from Bonsai Gardens and they will be there for you and your family in enveelopes I personally sealed for you and my other customers this morning! Enjoy the show and I will see you there on Fri. or any other time you want to attend.
Victor Eng

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