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Want something that you do not see in our online store? Make your request here. Chances are we have it in our physical store.

Posted by: Micheal Grzywinski
Good morning Vic. I wanted to drop you a quick line and say it was nice to see you and Brian last night at the Flower Show. The booth looked great and you had some really nice looking material. It was pretty busy when I stopped by otherwise I would have stayed longer. I look forward to signing up for one of your upcoming classes. Thanks again for the advance tickets. Keep up the great work. Micheal -
Orange Jasmine
Posted by: John Shaw
Vic, do you stock the Orange Jasmine, the Hawthorn, the Japinese Black Pine or the Japinese White Pine? If you don't currently have them but they are items you do stock, when would you have them in stock?



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