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Want something that you do not see in our online store? Make your request here. Chances are we have it in our physical store.

Posted by: Brian Damboise
Vic Its Brian Damboise Do you have cut paste in the store ? Do you or can you get different kinds? also what can I use other than cut paste that I can find localy?
Bonsai Cut Paste IN Stock
Posted by: Victor Eng
Hi Brian, I'm only now back "on line" in our new greenhouse facility which you saw last week. I've had the Hi speed internet line available since Feb. when I started moving but only got everything hooked up a/o Mon. 4/16?07. To answer your question (better "late than...") I do have tubes of a fine quality Japanese Cut Paste available or call and I'll give you some options when you tell me what you're pruning. Regards,

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